LiveMedia Server

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LiveMedia Server
  • LiveMedia Server
  • LiveMedia Server
  • LiveMedia Server

Dual channel, multiformat digital player/recorder.

LiveMedia Server is a versatile solution for recording and broadcasting video clips. Especially suitable for live requirements, it gives operators great flexibility to import and readjust clips at the last moment, instantly record and replay files, natively support and mix a great number of codecs, formats and resolutions.
LiveMedia Server is a compact 1U rack device, the system offers 2 channels configurable as recorder or player as desired: 2 broadcast channels, 2 recording channels or 1 recording channel and 1 playout channel simultaneously.
LiveMedia Server supports BlackMagic and TriCaster remote protocol over IP to trigger a switching on Play and Stop commands.


1RU, i7 processor, 16GB of ram, 150W power supply
Windows 10
Video input 2x SD/HD-SDI, 1x Genlock
Video output 2x SD/HD-SDI
Audio inputs 2xSDI embedded - 16 channels
Audio outputs 2xSDI embedded - 16 channels
Monitoring output
 1x DVI
Shuttle Pro V2 Controller

1U Rack Format
Shuttle Pro V2 controller
Localized Keyboard US/FR/DE/ES/IT/ME/PT (country of destination)
Power cable EU/US/UK (country of destination)
User Manual in English, PDF

Width: 44 cm
Depth: 41.5 cm
Height: 4.4 cm
Weight: 7.100 Kg