LMS-NDI 2 Channels

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LMS-NDI 2 Channels
  • LMS-NDI 2 Channels
  • LMS-NDI 2 Channels

Multi-format HD video player/recorder software program - LiveXpert

LMS-NDI is the first software only HD video broadcasting and recording server, using the NewTek NDI® protocol. It can be installed in any PC with Windows connected to the Ethernet network and provides a multicodecs playlist editor  and recorder tool. LMS-NDI can record and playback video clips in most of the market's files and codecs : MPEGPS/TS, MP4, QUICKTIME, Apple ProRes®, DNxHD®, DVCPro HD, XDCAM, MXF, GXF, DV, FLV... LMS-NDI reads the playlist in realtime in a NDI full HD stream available over the intire network as a multipoint source. As a recorder, it enables the live capture of any available NDI source on the network into any supported codec.


Requires a PC
i7 processor
SSD system disk
2TB internal drive or SAN or NAS
8GB RAM minimum
Gigabit Ethernet port
Windows 7 and above

Software on a USB Key
USB Dongle
User Manual in English, PDF
Non Contractual Pictures.